“Our goal is to provide solutions and new business models to support the digital development of our business partners.”

Our partners

Asterasys was founded in 2015 with the primary goal of becoming a leader in smart healthcare solutions through bio (BT) and IT convergence technologies, and is also a professional medical company that released Liftera for facial skin lifting.

Our partnership with Asterasys is aligned with their philosophy and positioning in the medical market. Through licenses sold on our platform we make sure that end-customers have the security of the investment made in each system and a guaranteed return on investment. Click here to know more about Asterasys.

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Product Licenses

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Liftera-2 brings it’s Digital Power Engine (DPE) to a next Generation 2.0, increasing the already known effectiveness of Liftera with more power, speed and safety.

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Futera Dots

Futera Dots is a minimally ablative solution that delivers RF energy into target regions to stimulate production of subdermal collagen and elastin for effective reduction of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

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Liftera-V focuses high frequency ultrasound pulses into target areas of the face to induce thermal coagulation for an absolute tightening effect. Utilizing the Pen-type applicator, Liftera-V delivers enhanced results without the patient experiencing pain.


Licensing for digital solutions and hardwares.

International support

International support and coverage to our partners.

Digitally connected

Digital connections of end users and manufactures.


Customized solutions for specific needs.

About us

We believe in digital solutions

Digital solutions became a significant part of modern life. From digital services to smart devices, it changes the way new solutions and services are delivered to end users. This change creates new possibilities to deliver what end users need, but also protect their markets and investments.

Medtech Digital is an American company with headquarters in Miami, Florida.

We support companies to adapt into more modern and convenient online solutions, leveraging the power of their business and allowing them to better serve their customers.

Our services includes


Help companies to find the proper hardware-based licensing strategy – Perpetual, Subscription, End-Date, Concurrent and Consumption

Licensing Model Implementation

Conjoint development of customized solutions based on specific need and business characteristic and end-to-end implementation

Operations & Support

International support and coverage to our partners 24/7

Why to move into a licensing model?

For your business

More security, better management of customer support; increased product offerings; and in some cases, increased customer loyalty.

For your customer

It empowers the user to upgrade or renew their license quickly, and provides a better user experience through customer support and application maintenance

Our pillars

Technology, Innovation, Flexibility & Security



Digital solutions for medical and health systems.


Digital signage for health and specialized markets.


Custom solutions and platforms for content and licenses models.

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Medtech Digital LLC - 3533 NW 115th Avenue - Miami Florida 33178

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